A community of lifesavers

Thank you for volunteering as a GoodSAM Responder. The Green responders you will see in the GoodSAM Responder app are part of the Emergency Medical Response GoodSAM group, while Red Responders belong to other groups.

EMR GoodSAM Responder Code of Conduct

The purpose of Emergency Medical Response is to enable immediate life saving assistance prior to the statutory ambulance service arriving (Ambulance Victoria). It is imperative that volunteer GoodSAM Responders providing Good Samaritan acts do not delay transfer to definitive care.

As such, the following code of conduct containing 6 basic rules has been established:

  1. The Volunteer GoodSAM Responder must ensure that their knowledge and skills are current. If formal certification is out of date then acting as a volunteer GoodSAM responder must NOT occur.
  2. The Volunteer GoodSAM Responder should arrive by road or by foot where possible. Only in especially remote locations should driving to a location be considered and the rules of the road apply fully.
  3. The Volunteer GoodSAM Responder should only respond if fully alert and prepared (do not respond if alcohol or drugs have been consumed).
  4. The Volunteer GoodSAM Responder MUST NOT go outside of his / her skill set. BASIC LIFE SUPPORT and AED use are all that should be provided when appropriate.
  5. Upon arrival of the statutory emergency services (Ambulance Victoria) care MUST be handed over immediately.
  6. The Volunteer GoodSAM responder MUST ensure that their knowledge and skills are current and that they have undertaken a formal certified course in immediate life support/first aid and that such certification remains valid. If such certification lapses then a Volunteer GoodSAM responder should step down from active service until it has been renewed.

If you have have any questions or concerns please email or call us day or night.

EMR GoodSAM Responder Teams

We currently have dedicated GoodSAM Responder teams operating in Bealiba and Colac and we would also welcome more member towns or suburbs into our group. Emergency Medical Response is prepared to train all your GoodSAM Responders to hold these nationally recognised training qualifications for Advanced First Aid – Skill Set HLTAID006 & HLTAID007 (including HLTAID001 & HLTAID003) combined to provide a Statement of Attainment for:-

…. just give us a call on 0438 718369 to get things happening.

EMR GoodSAM Responders are currently categorised into the following tiers:

  1. AHPRA Health Professional (Doctors, Div 1 & 2 Nurses, Paramedics)
  3. First Aider with current certificate
  4. EMR Bealiba Group Members
  5. EMR Colac Group Members

GoodSAM Responder App Settings

Don’t forget to set the “I have a defib on me:” and “Play Siren even when on silent:” options as appropriate and adjust your location accuracy as shown here to ensure you regularly poll your current location.

What are Ambulance Victoria doing?

In collaboration with GoodSAM, Ambulance Victoria have already engaged their community of 1,100 trusted responders (mainly off-duty paramedics) that can be alerted to nearby cases of cardiac arrest, whilst the closest available ambulance, and in some areas firefighters, are also responded. Ambulance Victoria know that for every minute defibrillation is delayed, the chance of survival decreases by around 10%.

This initiative, in conjunction with Ambulance Victoria’s Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Registry, aims to increase the provision of CPR and defibrillation prior to the arrival of emergency services by utilising nearby trained & trusted volunteers and registered publicly accessible defibrillators.

This model has been successfully implemented overseas in locations including London and parts of the UK.

Since you are acting as a Good Samaritan and being alerted to an unexpected emergency, we think it’s important that you have access to purchasing your own Automated External Defibrillator (AED) at the lowest cost possible. That’s why we are offering the SCHILLER FRED PA-1 Defibrillator to registered EMR GoodSAM Responders at $1,000.00 off the normal RRP price!!!

Click here for further details.

It’s also very important to let all Victorians know that Ambulance Victoria are only using the GoodSAM Responder app. This means we still need your help to let all your friends and family know that they need to download the GoodSAM Alerter app and register.

So if they witness an medical emergency or need to get medical help quickly, they can just open the app, press the EMERGENCY (Call for Help) button and activate both Triple 0 services and their three nearest GoodSAM Responders without the delays of going through ESTA’s “control room” services first.

Since the launch of Ambulance Victoria’s GoodSAM program in Victoria, Triple 0 now also has access to over 2,000 existing privately registered GoodSAM Responders registered in Australia including all EMR GoodSAM Responders and alert them to their Triple 0 event.

So don’t be surprised if you receive an alert that says Ambulance Victoria needs your help!

Again …. Welcome onboard, your career as a Community First Responder starts now!

Best Regards,
Tom Aczel CEO and Founder
Emergency Medical Response
Event First Aid, Fire and Stand-by Emergency Response Services, AEDs & Training
44 Reeces Road, Bealiba VIC 3475 Australia – ABN: 86 544 223 459
Mobile: 0438 718 369
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