Help arrives quickly for injured man thanks to the GoodSAM Alerter app

CareFlight’s rapid response rescue helicopter arrived at an oval in Asquith to assist a man who fell on October 19. Picture: CareFlight

Hornsby Advocate, October 20, 2017 11:13am

An app was used to quickly bring help to an 85-year-old man who was injured after falling in an Asquith driveway last night.

Relatives of the 85-year-old man used an app to dial emergency services, which at the same time notifies nearby medically qualified responders of a medical emergency.

It’s understood the GoodSAM app notified an experienced paramedic about 600 metres away who was on scene very quickly to help the man, who had suffered a serious head injury.

CareFlight’s rapid response rescue helicopter was tasked shortly after 7.30pm, landing at an oval near the scene to drop off the medical team.

NSW Ambulance paramedics were also on the scene.

CareFlight’s specialist doctor and critical care paramedic intubated the man at the scene to stabilise him.

The doctor made the decision to continue treating the man in a road ambulance as he was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital in a serious condition.

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You can Download the Goodsam Alerter app from your App Store or Google Play Store.

Emergency Medical Response is a registered Victorian GoodSAM organisation and our volunteers are GoodSAM responders.

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